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We are an organic and evolving community, with an egalitarian focus, where all members are equally respected, no matter their beliefs, or experience level.
We also recognize the merits of knowledge gained through experience, study and practice, and believe in acknowledging, recognizing, and rewarding valuable contributions.
This site was created as a powerful platform, to be shaped and molded by our community.

We Encourage Learning

A central focus of our community is the Wiki, which is created fully by member sharing, editing, and adding to contributions.

Community Wisdom

We believe in the power of evolving wisdom as a part of a collective community. Contributions from community members can ripple through and create empowering changes in unexpected ways.

A Magickal Community

... is not about who is the most advanced expert, who is the smartest, most talented, or who has all the answers. This is a community based on its members, not one that is built around the merits of one particular person's philosophy, practice, or expertise.

We Have Fun

Being part of a social community and groups that share your interests is a lot of fun.  To make it even more fun we want to create quests our members can participate in, and badges they can earn.  Contribute your ideas and help us come up with some quests and rewards that you can enjoy!

About Our Site

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