Founding Members Needed… Openings are Limited

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We are so excited to open the doors to our new founding members
share what we have developed so far, and show you more of what is possible here. We can't wait to continue building the site with you.

Updates: Feb 20

I want to have the Support ticket system in place when we open the doors, in case anyone has registration problems. The support ticket system we'll be using is a separate installation. I hope to have it ready to use within 24-48 hours.
So excited to have amazing emojis and visual editing features in the forums now. You're gonna love using them.
If you click the + in the red triangle on the top right (in mobile or desktop), it opens up a dropdown header. I have added a link to this post, as well as to the sitewide activity page, and finally, also...
I added chat functionality to the site and started by adding a sitewide group chat directly to the drop down header! Unlimited chats can be created and hosted with whatever member protection we need.

We Are Opening Our Doors Imminently

After a long time of work and development, we are finally ready for the public. We'll be making the announcement that we are opening our doors - but, there is a catch. We'll be opening for founding members for a limited time only, as we need to continue to grow and develop the site out, to meet the needs of our members. We're thinking around 100 people or so can come in as founding members, and have a say and share their inspiration for the branching out of this site into its various extensions.

So after a limited time of open registration, we'll be putting new registrants on a waiting list, and activate new members on an invite-only basis.

It takes a lot of work to administer a large blog network like this. We have people who need to be trained in administration and moderation. Each new blog that is created takes time to customize. For those reasons, as we continue to develop and build the initial framework of the site, we need to limit the number of users.

But we are excited to develop and expand our network to many more new users, opening up registration after all the systems are in place to handle the traffic!

Here's what we've got for you so far:
We'll be adding a tour of how it all works, as well as a new video, in the next post.

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      Hey Wendy, welcome! You’re welcome to be a founding member. Please feel free to post some of your thoughts, topics, questions, discussions, or anything you would like to share – the best place to start is the forum.

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